Examples, How-to

Intro to ml5 examples

If you've looked at our quickstart and introduction to ml5, you will have dipped your toes into the ml5 universe.

A big part of the ml5 project is to create lots of examples as launching points for all your creative project ideas. You can find all of the ml5.js examples at out Github page: ml5-examples. If you start to explore these examples you can see how the different ml5 functions are used to accomplish different outcomes. We try our best to keep the examples as simple as possible so you can easily start to build your ideas on top of them.

You can check out all the examples running:

If you'd like to download the examples and run them locally, download the ml5-examples github repo and run a local web server at the root directory (if this sentence sounds foreign to you, see the How-To section below). The fastest way to do this is:

with python3 installed on your computer:

cd /path/to/ml5-examples
python -m http.server 8081

with python2.7 installed on your computer:

cd /path/to/ml5-examples
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8081

Then open up your web browser to the url: localhost:8081

Here we set the port number to 8081, but you can change the port number to something else like 3000 (then: localhost:3030), 3001 (then: localhost:3031) for example.

How to: Run examples and develop "locally"

Coming soon! In the meantime, you can watch CodingTrain - getting set up for a nice intro on getting set up with writing code for the web.